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Can Excess Body Fat Cause Cancer?

Yes, it's proven in several different studies done by many different health organizations all over the world that excess body fat can cause Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer, but that's only the Cancers that have been positively proven. Many other Cancers are attributed to a poor diet. A poor diet will cause a lack of nutrition that over time will cause diseases to enter the body and combined with lack of exercise, which can simply be from too much sitting and not enough walking, will keep the immune system from fighting diseases and so Cancers can invade the body and grow in size. All of us have Cancer cells in our body but our immune system will control the cancer cells and keep them from growing unless you aren't getting enough nutrition and then the cancer cells are able to grow.
1out of 3 people today will get cancer in their lifetime. And 2 out of 3 adults are overweight.

I wrote in a previous post about Ideal body weight; "How can I find my Ideal Body Weight?"…
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How Are Fat Storage Can Harm Us

Our body fat is indeed different depending on its location. Subcutaneous fat is the layer of fat just under the skin, all over the body. Visceral fat is located deep in the abdominal cavity around the organs. We have a limited amount of control over the distribution of our body fat. Body fat distribution varies by age, gender, ethnicity, and genetics. You may have a normal BMI – thinking your weight is not putting your health at risk – but have a waist circumference that indicates abdominal obesity. By waist circumference, abdominal obesity is defined as 35 inches for women, 40 for men. Abdominal obesity increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and later life dementia. A large waist circumference has been linked to negative outcomes even among people with normal BMI numbers. Additionally, some studies have compared two groups of obese patients with the same total body fat, but low or high levels of visceral fat. The high visceral fat groups were found to have evidence of greater…

Keep Track Of Every Calories You Consume

Many of my readers ask me the same question, "Why Can I Lose Weight?" Because I don't really know you, it difficult for me to give you a definitive answer.  But I can tell you that you're probably consuming more calories than you realize. If you're having trouble controlling your weight the first thing to do is to start a food journal that includes all your foods, drinks and snacks. And you have to journal everything are after you consume it.  I know that sounds impossible but with a smart phone you can download a free app from any app store. MyFitnessPal is a good one, but there are dozens. Most of us don't realize but we drink half of the calories we consume.  Most of us are consuming 3500 calories a day, that's the National Average in North America. You see it's not really about how much you eat, it's about what your eating and drinking. 1800 calories a day is all an adult needs. And how much is that? If I go to a burger joint and get a burger…

Your Fat But Still Fit, Is It A Myth?

Extra weight linked to extra risk, even if blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol all normal By Randy Dotinga HealthDay Reporter
MONDAY, Aug. 14, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- No amount of extra weight is good for your heart, no matter how fit you are by other measures, new British research shows.
"Our findings suggest that if a patient is overweight or obese, all efforts should be made to help them get back to a healthy weight, regardless of other factors," said study co-author Camille Lassale, from Imperial College London's School of Public Health.
"Even if their blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol appear within the normal range, excess weight is still a risk factor," Lassale said in a university news release. In fact, the increased risk of developing heart disease was more than 25 percent, the study found.
The study used statistics about the health of people in 10 European countries. Researchers focused on weight and signs of heart disease, when bloo…

Why It's So Hard To Lose Weight

Why It's So Hard to Lose Weight Time to Commit By Paige Waehner
This is a good post and if you have trouble controlling your weight than this post is a must.

If you pay attention to the weight loss industry, you've been told over and over how easy it is to lose weight—just take this pill, follow that diet, or buy this piece of equipment, and everything will melt away in a flash. In fact, we spend billions of dollars each year on weight loss products and services and yet we're still overweight. If you struggle with weight loss, as most of us do, you've figured out just how hard it is to lose weight.   The question is, why is it so hard and is there anything you can do about it? There's no shortcut to weight loss, but you can make the process easier with a few simple changes. Complex Problems, Simple Solutions The idea behind weight loss is simple: Burn more calories than you eat. This can be accomplished by changing just a few things in our diets—replacing soda wi…

How Long Should I Walk To Lose Weight?

Good Question, and one I get in my Mailbox a couple times every month. Brisk walking will help you lose weight, but you have to start eating healthy by lowering your calorie intake to about 1500 a day. Which means you have to stop drinking calories. There are plenty of no-calorie drinks on the market, but if you want to clean your body of toxins you should drink water. You can flavor your water with fruit or vegetables. I like slices of cucumber or your can use slices or orange or lemon. Use a fresh fruit or vegetable, not something that comes in a can or jar.

Walking continuously for 30 minutes or more is best for fat-burning. It takes that long for the body to burn enough calories that it needs to release fat from your fat cells and use it for fuel. Walk most days of the week for at least 30 minutes to burn an extra 1000 to 3000 calories per week and to improve your metabolism each day. How Far Would I Walk in 30 Minutes? If you walk at a brisk walking pace for 30 minutes, the dist…

The Easiest Diet To Follow

Consider Convenience, Accessibility, and More
By Malia Frey
yulkapopkova / Getty Images When consumers look for a weight loss program, they usually look for the easiest diet to follow. After all, who wants to spend weeks learning a complicated system? But almost every program claims to be easy so it can be hard to choose the best plan. 3 Ways to Find the Easiest Diet Everyone has a different lifestyle and different food preferences so the easiest diet for your co-worker or your neighbor might not be the easiest diet for you. The key to getting sustainable weight loss results is to find the plan that works best with your specific skill set and your specific lifestyle. Ask yourself a few important questions before you look for a diet: How much time do I have to cook and prepare foods?Do I like to cook and spend time in the kitchen?Do I like to try new tastes and flavors?Do I have time to grocery shop?How much weight do I have to lose?How much money can I spend on a diet and for how long wi…